Do you want detailed proofreading that makes your academic work exceptional?

Our proofreading goes to the heart of your assignment to help you understand what’s wrong with your work – and how it could be made better. We help you achieve more with every piece of work by:

  • Beefing up your analysis and arguments to give your paper standout quality.
  • Showing you how to create coherent, logical sentences.
  • Teaching you how to structure extraordinary papers with impeccable sense and flow.
  • Clearing up any grammatical, spelling, typographical or punctuation errors.
  • Training you to reference your work thoroughly and accurately, according to University regulations.

You can even have one of us proofread your assignment as you go, expertly mentoring you throughout the research and writing process. Together, we’ll make your work shine.

We proofread everything – but we’ll never write a word

We proofread essays, assignments, dissertations and presentations – but we won’t write a word for you. Our approach focuses on giving you the tools you need to write perfect academic work every time.

You’ll answer every question perfectly

Our proofreading always starts with a thorough understanding of the topic or question you’ve been set, so your work stays focused and relevant. Your answers will be guided by tutors who have done the same exams as you, and know exactly what’s required to make your academic writing great.

Your essays and reports will become exceptional

Our impeccable proofreading service starts with your essays and reports. We’ll show you how to make every line, every argument and every statement exceptional. Picking from one of our three service levels will turn what you’ve already written into an academically perfect piece. Or you can choose our personalised mentoring service for Distinction level guidance and advice throughout the research and writing process.

Your dissertation will become extraordinary

Imagine the level of detail we put into proofreading your essays and reports. Then treble it. Our dissertation proofreading services help you create outstanding work, from analysing your subject with extraordinary insight to strategising the outline and structure of your finished publication. We can help you:

Deliver exceptional academic writing

ProofreadingOur Russell Group Distinction graduate tutors have written dissertations achieving the highest grades possible. They’ll teach you how to write exceptional academic work that wins First Class marks. No seminars are needed – you’ll learn everything you need to know as you work, with our hands-on proofreading approach.

Write the ideal Literature Review

ProofreadingWe’ll show you where to find the best sources and how to use them when you do. Your tutor will help you understand how to make your Literature Review the solid backbone of your dissertation.

Create perfectly structured dissertations

ProofreadingThe structure of your dissertation is key to its success. Our tutors will help you develop an outline and structure that make your work clean, clear, original and academically perfect.

Develop the methodology that drives your dissertation

ProofreadingQualitative, quantitative – whichever it is, the methodology is the engine that drives your dissertation. We’ll help you evaluate yours so you achieve results and findings that matter.

Understand quantitative analysis from coefficients to r-squares

ProofreadingYour Financial, Business or Accounting dissertation lives or dies by its quantitative analysis. We’ll take the fear out of p-values, t-statistics, coefficients and adjusted r-squares so you know your interpretation is sound.

Present your dissertation beautifully

ProofreadingWe’ll help you understand the art of professional presentation and layout, so your dissertation looks as good as it sounds. Our tutors show you how to present your information the way you’re expected to if you’re going to get the highest grades.

Our students say

VB Excellence provides an exceptional service, the whole process from start to finish was very hands on and supportive … they changed my entire thought process and maintained a complete professional reserve. Working with me every step of the way, I was encouraged to think critically in achieving my objective and inspired to dig deep. As a result I produced a 2000 word essay … worthy of a distinction. Thank you for all the help and most importantly thank you for believing in me.

Student testimonial
MSc, Accounting and Finance

In addition to pointing out some big mistakes and recommending more accurate and professional alternative solutions, VB Excellence gave me many more interesting and valuable ideas which helped to develop my content to have stronger arguments and more critical analysis … helped me become more analytical in my thought process and in producing a better research paper; my critical thinking skills also saw a considerable improvement… Thank you so much for invaluable help over my hard time.

Student testimonial
MSc, Financial Analysis and Fund Management