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AlexI decided I needed some tutoring for my Management Information and Accounting exams as part of my CFAB qualification (aka the Knowledge modules for the ACA). I generally prefer one-to-one sessions, as opposed to big classroom learning, so I looked on the ICAEW’s website to find their affiliated partners.

I contacted a few, but decided to use VB Excellence due to their speedy response to my enquiry, their enthusiastic attitude and thorough one-to-one telephone assessment of my weak areas. Originally I had intended to have the tutoring in person, but due to my location to their centre I opted to go for the remote learning option over Skype. I was a little sceptical at first to whether or not this would be as effective, but upon my first session my fears were quickly put to rest.

My tutor was enthusiastic, academically qualified, friendly, patient, understanding and had the appropriate technology to make the tutoring as good as if it were in person. Unlike a classroom session, having the one-to-one training meant we could skip through the areas I picked up very quickly and focus more on ones I didn’t (making it better value for money). The tutor was very flexible with the times of our sessions, adapted to my style of learning and offered alternative ways to learn. We would then have revision lessons nearer the exams to iron out any creases and to go over questions from the ICAEW Question Bank that I didn’t understand the answers too.

I passed both exams with flying colours and entered them with (relative) confidence compared to the other exams which I had not used their tutoring. I would have no hesitation of using them again if I decide to progress onto the professional level (and beyond!) or recommending VB Excellence to a friend.



Despite finding myself totally overwhelmed by having to understand and create a statistical model, I was  apprehensive about contacting anyone for assistance. I need not have worried! From the first contact, team VB Excellence put me at ease and focused on both my academic achievement and on getting me in the frame of mind for absorbing all of the information that I needed. The tutors with whom I were worked highly skilled, friendly and focused. Although it would have felt great to have been spoon-fed – their approach was collaborative and I can proudly say that the resulting work is my own and that I am now confident and competent in quantitative analysis. Without VB Excellence’s holistic approach to education,  I would still be stumbling in the dark. Thank you.

Nicky MSc, Psychology

AbdulazizI have had a great experience with VB Excellence tutor as I was taught more of the content and less memorizing. I think their timings and their work is professional as the tutor seeks the most efficient and productive way to help the student. I studied accounting with the tutor and it contributed greatly to my knowledge for the exam.

Abdulaziz BA (Hons) International Management

ShambhaviVB Excellence goes above and beyond the call of duty. First, they help you get the basics right and then assist you until you get a firm grip of your module. VB Excellence provides an extremely professional and patient environment. Doesn’t matter how many questions you have or silly you think they are, they encourage all of it. I never would have passed my module rather score a merit in it if it wouldn’t have been for VB Excellence.

Shambhavi MSc, Accounting and Finance

DuangruethaiThroughout the period of doing my Master’s dissertation, I felt agonised from not only researching my specific topic but also writing clearly with no any grammatical errors. Fortunately, I found VB Excellence which offers efficient and comprehensive services. At first, I just expected my dissertation to be improved in terms of grammar; however, VB Excellence provided me much more than that. All essential aspects such as formatting, structure, logic, consistency of analysis and critique, strength of arguments are also checked and corrected. One thing that I’ve been very grateful is related to my topic details. In addition to pointing out some big mistakes and recommending more accurate and professional alternative solutions, VB Excellence gave me many more interesting and valuable ideas which helped to develop my content to have stronger arguments and more critical analysis. My tutor’s suggestions helped me become more analytical in my thought process and in producing a better research paper; my critical thinking skills also saw a considerable improvement. Without VB Excellence’s support, I don’t believe I could have been awarded an excellent grade for this dissertation. Thank you so much for invaluable help over my hard time.

Duangruethai MSc, Financial Analysis and Fund Management

SeanVB Excellence provides an exceptional service, the whole process from start to finish was very hands on and supportive – during my final year I needed tuition for a governance paper, essentially I was hoping they would do all the work for me but in the long run I got so much more than I bargained for ….they changed my entire thought process and maintained a complete professional reserve. Working with me every step of the way, I was encouraged to think critically in achieving my objective and inspired to dig deep. As a result I produced a 2000 word essay (which I had them proof read as well) worthy of a distinction. Thank you for all the help and most importantly thank you for believing in me.

Sean MSc, Accounting and Finance

JiajianUndoubtedly the gains that I have acquired from the studying with VB Excellence are plentiful and significantly make me different from what I used to be in terms of my expanded knowledge base, improved English skills (e.g. English-writing), as well as being more confident communicating with English speakers and with the improved ability to think differently and critically for dealing with various types of course works in my study in the university more readily. My tutor is specialized not only in the teaching of Accounting and Finance but also very familiar with the relevant knowledge in the subjects such as Marketing and Management. This is why I trust this person at an initial point along with his kind, friendly and very patient characteristics (e.g. I’m always encouraged by my tutor during the session with him, often to hear: if you really want it and then you can do it and will make it with no doubts). “Skilled worker ushers in the gate, leads a pious life depending on individual.” This is a Chinese old saying which I can still remember vividly because it was what my tutor had told me in my first session with him and made me believe an excellent learning outcome and a constructive learning process requires the hardworking from both of us. The record shows we did it. This is another reason I like VB Excellence as in the session with my tutor you see his hardworking as for the preparation for each session and in making the sessions distinctive from cliché-ridden teaching-and-listening classes by exploring the best way and the most suitable set of teaching methods to provide the student with the best value for money. Finally I want to say: My friends please do not hesitate spending for the session with VB Excellence, give it a try and you will like it!

Jiajian BA (Hons), Business and Management

In my view, it is always a pain when I’m trying to draft my CV and covering letter to attract employers and get an interview. I was breaking my head to finish them and looking for someone who will be able to review it and ensure there weren’t any grammatical mistakes. That’s how I found VB Excellence in the first place. However, what VB Excellence offered me is just not CV and covering letter reviews; I have also been taught and been made to understand the thinking process of building CVs and covering letters that can be used in the long run. The process started from understanding me and the job descriptions and then led to bringing out my best qualities and demonstrating them on paper, including some qualities that I never even considered as my competitive skills or experiences. The final product VB Excellence provided is much more than what I expected. I got a unique and exceptional CV and covering letter that I believe is the best representation of myself. Thank you very much for being such a great support in my employability.

Kasama Auditor | CPA | MSc, Finance and Invesment