Ethics and Responsibility

Responsibility – often also read as “Corporate Responsibility” or “Ethics” or “Code of Ethics”, amongst others. Research on these areas have been significant in the last few years to say the least.

With a genuine belief in our vision and the impact intellectualism can have on our world, VB Excellence places a significant emphasis on its Responsibility. In our responsibility to:

  1. Students we work with and support
  2. Universities / institutions in which our students (tutees) study
  3. Our employees, ambassadors and other representatives
  4. Communities in which we are involved
  5. Our key stakeholders including strategic partners.
  6. Our world

Our responsibility to students we work with and support
Investing in one’s education is probably the best investment decision one can ever make. We value and respect education to a significantly high extent. We aim to provide the best, most valuable, most incredible learning experience to each and every one of the students we work with. To achieve this, it is our responsibility and commitment to:

  • Focus on the student’s need
  • Focus on the student’s requirement
  • Consistently adapt to the student’s individual learning pace, learning requirements.
  • Work with diligence, dedication, drive, and with a desire to provide the utmost service to each student.
  • Ensure that a student has understood a given concept, even if it takes a million times to explain it!
  • Continuously strive to understand the student and her/his capabilities, ambitions.
  • Work with each student in the process of transforming her/him into an intellectual scholar.

Our responsibility to Universities / institutions in which our students (tutees) study
We are well aware of countless enterprises offering to write assignments for students, and/or provide other unethical services that will inevitably, in the long run, have a detrimental effect to the student’s life. We appreciate that Universities could often be concerned about “proofreading” services in general. It is our responsibility and commitment to:

  • Ensure that under no circumstances, does any member of our team, “do” or “write” a student’s assignment for her/him.
  • Tutor students in a way that as far as physically possible, compliments the knowledge they are gaining whilst studying at University.
  • Develop and enhance students’ minds, teach and encourage students to think criticallyobjectively, and logically.

Our responsibility to our employees, ambassadors and other representatives
An enterprise is nothing without its employees. We only recruit and work with the brightest and the best; we are honoured about the kind of people we have working with us, their professional backgrounds, their levels of intellect, but most importantly, their humbleness and simple human characteristics. It is our responsibility and commitment to:

  • Create a work atmosphere that is a positive, happy one.
  • Create roles and responsibilities that demonstrate to each/every employee how her/his efforts and endeavours make a genuine positive impact on the lives of people.
  • Create a sustainable, long term career path for all high performers who choose to continue to make an impact on people’s lives through our work.

Our resposibility to the Communities in which we are involved
We define ‘communities in which we are involved’ as any area / locality where we are teaching / tutoring students and/or providing our other valuable services. Given the nature of the work we do, it is our responsibility and commitment to:

  • Allocate our resources when they are available, towards the overall growth and development of the communities in which we are involved, at no monetary cost.
  • Share and build upon the knowledge and experience we attain as we grow.
  • Empower people to create lasting positive impacts.

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Our responsibility to key stakeholders and strategic partners

We live in an age and generation of collaboration. No longer do we need to become “too big to fail” or the “largest company in the world”. We can grow the significance of our impact without physically growing the size of our organisation, thanks to the power of technology, globalisation, and most importantly, thanks to the willingness of people to do things together. We want to make sure that whoever we work with, on however large or small a project, works with us with the utmost confidence. To achieve this, we believe it’s our responsibility to:

  • Always act in an open, professional manner.
  • Be honest and act in a manner that is ethical.
  • Always find ways where everyone involved in a given project, wins.
  • Where results aren’t met, empathise with those involved, and implement necessary / relevant training so as to ensure that next time, we win.
  • Share knowledge that we gain / attain openly, for the greater good.

Our responsibility to our world

We’re not environmentalists per se, but we do believe that if we can do our part for the world’s good, why not do it?! Hence to be responsible to our world, we always ensure:

  • Travelling, wherever possible, is done using public transport.
  • Take printouts only if it’s really necessary.
  • Reduce waste, reuse stuff, and recycle more stuff.