Academic Honesty and Integrity

The following principles of Academic Honesty and Integrity must be followed by each tutor and each student who chooses to use VB Excellence’s services

  1. No assignment should be copied from that of another, whether the ‘other’ one is a previously submitted assignment or not.
  2. Where ideas, concepts, etc. are taken from external sources, they should be referenced appropriately, in accordance with the students’ University or College Referencing system requirement.
  3. All the intellectual property, copyright of a given student’s assignment is owned in full, by that student alone. This is reinforced by point (6.)
  4. Tutors must not “give away” answers to a given question, be it for a mock exam, or any form of revision – answers should be discussed critically, objectively, and logically – this helps accomplish our vision of creating intellectual scholars.
  5. Students must not share/distribute any of the material they receive from VB Tuitions – any/every material given to our students is meant to enhance their overall learning experience.
  6. Under no circumstances will a tutor “do” or “write” a student’s assignment for her/him.
  7. We are aware of companies as well as individuals offering writing services under the pretext of: “research purposes”; i.e. companies or individuals write an assignment for a student and then conveniently have a disclaimer that says: “this assignment is not to be submitted; it’s for research purposes only”. It’s ironic that their “testimonials” section specifically states how students are “so pleased” with the “results they got” from submitting the assignment bought from that very company! We do not write assignments for students. Period. No disclaimers. No “hidden” “secret” agendas or manipulating ways. We don’t do it.
  8. Where quantitative models are required, the same will not be blatantly given to students by tutors; instead, tutors will take a more progressive, productive approach and guide students with the thought process that is required in order to create those models.
  9. Every proofread worked on by a given tutor, must use ‘track changes’ so that students can learn from their mistakes. Tutors must not edit any aspect any given assignment, no matter how small, without the track changes function.
  10. Any action (or inaction) taken by a tutor, must be something that she/he can easily, and with total comfort:
    1. Discuss with her/his partner, parents, family, and friends.
    2. Openly disclose to the public, in any form.
    3. Think about herself/himself without any form of guilt.