Q?How long is each private tuition session?
This really does depend on what you need. Based on our experience, private tuition sessions run for anything from 2 hours a session to 4 hours per session. We do not encourage or advise 1 hour sessions since you will not get much value from it. From our experience, we have found that students start to “get” the topic (begin understanding it thoroughly) after the first hour or so, and begin to think and analyse things critically. Taking 1 hour sessions only delays the transformation from being a “student” to becoming an intellectual scholar. Our 2 hour sessions tend to be the most valuable for students since they’re neither too long nor too short, thereby giving students the most value.

Q?Where will I be tutored?
While most of our students prefer to take private tuition sessions online since they can learn from the comfort of their own homes, some students do prefer taking the sessions offline, face-to-face. For us, nothing matters more than a student’s comfort and learning experience. Each student is different which is why we make sure that we are as flexible as possible, in delivering the best, most useful, customised, thorough private tuition session possible.
We are particularly proud of the positive impacts our online private tuition sessions have created. Through our platform, students pretty much get the same feeling they do when a tutor is right by them, face-to-face. We use the latest technologies to ensure the experience is as “less virtual” and as “more realistic” as possible.

Q?Will you write my assignment for me?
No. VB Excellence adopts a strict policy of Academic Honesty and Academic Integrity. Under no circumstances will we write your assignment for you. We can, and do support you, mentor you, and guide you throughout your assignment. Our tutors have excelled at their assignments by writing essays/reports/dissertations that are of publishable standards (according to their University standards) resulting in them being awarded Distinctions. Our tutors are all genuinely passionate about the subjects they teach and the assignments they work with students on. This ensures that they pay as much attention to each assignment as possible, ensuring that you consistently get value; long term value.

Q?Which subjects do you tutor?
VB Excellence currently tutors in any/every subject within the Business area (all subjects taught in Business Schools); these include:
Financial Accounting
Management Accounting
Financial Management
Financial Modelling
Corporate Finance
Personal Finance
Human Resources
Consumer Behaviour
Consumer Research
Events Management

Q?What levels do you tutor?
VB Excellence primarily caters to the needs of University students, both Undergraduate (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4) as well as Postgraduate (Masters) level students, and students pursuing Professional Qualifications (ACA, ACCA, CIMA). We do on occasion tutor A Level students.

Q?If you don’t do my assignment, what do you offer?
We offer sustainable, long term value. We teach you how to fish, rather than fish for you. Learning through us is like learning to ride a bike; once you learn it, you never forget it.
For assignments, depending on which package you choose, we can the following in full or part:
* Guidance/Mentoring sessions
* Email enquiries
* Planning: timeline, structure, layout, presentation
* Comprehensive Proof Read:
– Grammar
– Punctuation
– Sentence Flow
– Logical flow
– Strength of analysis
– Strength of arguments
– Recommendations
– References (in text and end of paper)

Q?If I take the Premier Proof Reading package, do you guarantee a Distinction grade?
No. University marking schemes and lecturers’ preferences tend to vary. We do not guarantee any grade since it is physically impossible to do so. We strongly advise you to be careful with selecting any organisation / individual that “guarantees” you will get x or y grade. Based on the students we’ve dealt with, the average score for an essay submitted to a Top 20 UK University is currently 74%.

Q?Who will tutor me? Are they competent enough?
You will be tutored by one of our highly intellectual, dedicated, driven, passionate, and approachable tutors. We recruit our tutors broadly based on 2 requisites: (1) A tutor must have achieved a Distinction (First Class) in the subject she/he wishes to teach. (2) A tutor must be genuinely passionate about the subject that she/he wishes to teach. While there is no ‘qualification’ that displays someone’s level of passion, we use our years of experience, knowledge, learning and passion, to judge the same. Given these 2 requisites, we genuinely believe that each one of our hand-picked tutors are more than competent to teach/tutor you in your subject(s) of study.

Q?Who structures the private tuition sessions and how?
Your tutor will structure your private tuition sessions for you, based on your existing course, so as to be in synthesis with your module requirements. That being said, each session is customised to suit a given student’s requirement(s) thereby ensuring that each session is as valuable if not more valuable, as the last. We take pride in doing this all the time, every time since it enables and empowers us to give each student the utmost value for their time, money and effort. Apart from that, this approach helps us accomplish our vision.

Q?How much do private tuition sessions cost?
The costs vary from student-to-student, generally speaking since they depend on a variety of factors including (but not limited to):
Whether you’re an undergraduate, postgraduate or perhaps even an A level student.
Your year of study.
Your current knowledge of the subject.
The depth of the module itself.

Included in the price we charge you, is the cost of preparing the session. Every 1 hour of tutoring requires 1 hour of preparation.