Campus Ambassadors

Represent and Promote VB Excellence’s Services On Your Campus!

What’s in it for you?

  • High, results based remuneration.
  • Network with students outside your class.
  • Gain experience in:
    • Online and offline marketing strategy development and implementation.
    • Enterprise growth and development.
    • Advertising and Sales strategy development and implementation.
    • Brand awareness and loyalty creation
    • Relationship management
    • Understanding cultures
    • Working in a start-up environment – quite very different to a corporate environment!
  • Get an exceptional reference letter (subject to performance of course!)
  • Potential travel opportunities (within the UK only, well… at least initially!).

Is this for you?

This is a challenging role – it’s very rewarding, but it does involve a lot of drive and passion from your side. The amount you get from it is really dependent on the level of input you  put in. This isn’t a “shadowing” role – your training will primarily be on the job, and on a day to day, informal way. You’ll have targets to meet – and you’ll need to take ownership of your targets. We don’t like excuses, and we don’t like laziness. We love to win – do you?

If you’re doing this solely for the money, or just as a “job”, you won’t enjoy the role, and you’ll end up leaving quite soon. Do consider the role carefully; the last thing you want is to waste your time and ours.

A lot of times, you’ll be speaking to people you hardly know – on the down side, that may be a major challenge since you may find that aspect to be outside your comfort zone. On the up/bright side however, you’ll be able to get past your comfort zone and fears – your communication skills, interpersonal skills, networking, negotiation, presentation, and leadership skills will be enhanced significantly.

Skills we’re looking for:

Our campus ambassadors are:

  1. Friendly and approachable
  2. Individuals who know and fully understand students and the student mind set.
  3. Passionate about helping students excel.
  4. Great at communicating and presenting.
  5. Able to take initiatives consistently, and deliver solid results.
  6. Able to work exceptionally well in an individual and team environment.
  7. Not big fans of “9-5 jobs” – they like the idea of maximising results and minimising effort.
  8. People who have a life outside work – they take a work hard play hard approach to life!
  9. Always thinking of innovative ways of doing things.
  10. Always thinking of new ideas and ways to help VB Excellence grow in a sustainable, ethical, progressive, and positive way.

Like what you see and think you’ll fit in well?

Apply to become a Campus Ambassador