About VB Excellence

Complexity made simpleWe help Business, Finance and Accounting students achieve excellence. We’ve already helped 70% of our students achieve a First Class (Distinction), nearly 30% achieve a 2:1. Sounds impossible? Not when you’ve got Distinction graduates inspiring, guiding, mentoring, and helping you achieve our target of 80% minimum in every exam, assignment and dissertation. Here’s how we help:

  • Private tuition that takes you from fear, dread, hatred, etc, to passion and excellence in exams.
  • Proofreading that goes right to the heart of the assignment, showing you how to create academic assignments of exceptional quality and standards.
  • ICAEW training for ACA and CFAB exams in a simple, flexible, and exam focused manner.

Our secret mantra for your success


Your 80% minimum grade starts with a solid foundation. And there’s no-one better qualified to give it to you than tutors who’ve achieved Distinctions in their chosen fields of study. Your personal army of Business, Finance and Accounting geeks (that’s us) puts you in control of your subject by:

  • Creating a solid base of understanding to build your success on.
  • Bringing topics into the real world with practice and examples.
  • Customising sessions to a pace that suits you.

By structuring your learning to meet incremental academic goals, we’re able to help you push the boundaries of what you can do without you even knowing it. Students who don’t know a mean from a median will be confidently handling multiple regressions within a fortnight – and that’s a promise.

Our experience makes all the differences

VB ExcellenceWe’re the geek elite. We love Business, Accounting and Finance and that passion is matched by genuine experience. Every one of our tutors has to score a minimum of 80% in the fearsome VB Excellence “Godfather” exam (another key recruitment criteria) – probably the toughest test in the world. We designed it ourselves, to exceed the standards expected by any University exam. We’ll use it to train you too! A few goes at the Godfather, and you’ll have absolutely nothing to fear from your Business, Finance or Accounting exams.Multiple Distinctions at every level of study – (it’s 1 of 4 key recruitment criteria)

Our collective CV includes:
Extensive real world experience in relevant roles.
First hand experience teaching every Business subject under the sun.
Teaching students of all nationalities in 1:1, seminar and classroom formats.

Why do we do it?

We’re geeks. In fact, we’re more than geeks. We’re the guys that are up at 2am on a Saturday night debating why we assume perfect capital markets, or why the IASB permits the capitalisation of vehicles but not marketing even though the latter is more likely to result in “future economic benefits” more so than the former in today’s service based world!

We want to help you unlock a lifelong love for Business, Finance and Accounting. Because when you love it, it isn’t difficult any more. It’s easy. That’s our power.

Are you ready to learn from tutors who are passionate about making numbers relevant to real world situations?
Yes, tell me more!

How do we do it?

We’ve developed a recipe for success. It’s a secret. Shhh.

In a nutshell, we build your foundation to start with, and then move on to helping you reach more advanced levels. We’ve developed rigorous exams to evaluate your progress. These exams are indeed, tougher than the average Uni exam; put simply, if you can handle our exam, you can pretty much handle any other exam.

We’re obsessed with results, and you excelling in your endeavours.

We apply our knowledge, experience, expertise, and passion to bring out the best in students. By effectively synthesising academic literature with real world practice, and structuring sessions in a way whereby students are able to ethically learn what’s expected from them at their own pace, we’re able to empower students to achieve results that are often perceived to be really difficult if not “impossible”.

What do we do?